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The Guitar Signature Licks instructional DVD series features close-up video lessons teaching songs by your favorite artists note-for-note, exactly as the artist themselves play the song.

The Stevie Ray Vaughan Greatest Hits DVD features more than an hour of expert instruction on eight classic Stevie Ray songs.

Learn with this DVD and you'll be playing eight great SRV songs from his early career absolutely perfect, note-for-note!




What's On The DVD?

The DVD itself features more than an hour of close-up, slowed down video guitar lessons teaching you note for note renditions of eight of Stevie Ray Vaughan's most popular songs -- including the classic "Pride and Joy" (perhaps his best known song), the slow blues classic "The Sky Is Crying," the funky bar-band standard "Tightrope," the incredible instrumental "Rude Mood," and many more!

Study with this incredible SRV guitar lesson DVD and you'll soon be playing some of the most legendary blues-rock classics of all time absolutely note-for-note, and simply amazing your friends!

Expert Tips on "Say What"

I've got some chord and scale pattern diagrams here to go along with what you see in the Stevie Ray Vaughan Say What video above, and I'm also going to give you some tips to help you understand how to play this jammin' SRV song.

The SRV jam "Say What" starts with a 6/9 chord played high on the neck. Think of this as just the top end of your basic 9th chord. You'll play this chord once at the 15th fret, then descend one fret at a time, five times total. Use your second finger to play the notes on the first, second, and third strings, and your first finger to play the note on the fourth string.

Here's the chord:

After the descending chords the main groove of Say What is played in a C minor pentatonic or C blues scale, using the scale pattern at the 8th fret. There are a million riff-based songs that use this same scale pattern. If you don't already know it inside and out, you're fooling yourself that you're going to get very far on the guitar. If you can't play this scale pattern backwards and forwards in your sleep, you'd better get practicing!

Here's the pentatonic pattern I'm talking about:

And here's the nearly identical blues scale pattern:

After playing the chords simply play a trill on the fourth string of the pattern, using the notes at the 8th and 10th fret. A trill is a fast hammer on/pull off combination. Pick the note on the 8th fret using your first finger, then hammer on the 10th fret with your third finger. Immediately pull it off to sound the 8th fret again, and repeat rapidly.

This is the majority of the song, with plenty of lead guitar playing using the pentatonic and blues scale patterns I've shown you above.

See, there's nothing to it!

You Can Do This!

Get Your DVD Now!

You've only seen a short sample of the guitar lessons on this Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar lesson DVD, but you gotta know by now: DVD guitar lessons are the way to go! There simply isn't a better learning tool out there today, and while nothing can replace the benefits of learning one on one with a real teacher, you can't rewind a teacher and have him show you the riff a thousand times (or not without having him wanna bash you on the head with his guitar, anyway...)

Playing guitar is supposed to be fun, right? But playing guitar really, REALLY well is more fun than you could ever imagine. So set yourself up with the right attitude, and the right tools -- and a dedicated block of time at least every couple days, and you'll soon be having more fun than you've ever imagined playing guitar!

Especially when you learn how to play "Pride and Joy," "The Sky Is Crying ," "Tightrope," "Say What," and all the other great Stevie Ray guitar songs on this DVD to absolute perfection!

What are you waiting for? Get your copy now!

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